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Body Hair Transplants - My Story!

Like I said before, I figured I'd go ahead and make this website becauese I know there are other guys out there like me who want chest hair transplants, and there's NOTHING online about the procedure!!! So I'm trying to fix that.

Why body hair transplants? Well, call me vein, but I want to look good just like anyone else... and I figured if guys can have their hair transplanted on their head, then why not get it for my chest? I hate to say it, but it bugged me a lot. I just didn't want the 'bare chest' look. You guessed it. I wanted that hairy, Latin chest look... and guess what, I got it!

Research, Information, and articles - Body Hair Transplants

A lot of people would probabaly think I was crazy to do this... but the fact is, it's a lot more common than you'd think. And I know it's pretty popular, because after I showed some friends, a couple said they'd do it... and one actually is going to my surgeon to do the same thing! (Weird that you never realize amongst your own friends that even they might feel the same way. It's not like we talk about it a lot.)

Anyway, when I was looking throughout the web for information, I had to focus a lot on hair transplants to the head... so it's not like it was totally right for me... you know, I'd read that a lot of people found all the information on the web great because they could hear from other people who'd gone through the same thing. Unfortunately, I couldn't really... but, it still bothered me so I guess in that regard it was similar.

I basically never liked the fact that I didn't have any chest hair! I sort of assumed when I was younger that I was just a slow maturerer (is that a word?)... but then, once I hit about 30, I realized I wasn't maturing anymore! I'm 33 now, and when I turned 32 I said I'd look into it and do something about it by my next birthday. So I did!

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I went and visited Dr. Epstein and he was really, really cool. The people at his office were really nice and there was nothing feel bashful about... so I was into it. When people had said that the hair transplant procedure was simple and more like going to the dentist, I totally didn't believe it. But guess what? They're right... easiest thing ever... even moreso than the dentist. Frankly, I hate the dentist and would much rather have some instrument touching my chest than have it jammed in my mouth...

So the procedure was only a couple hours... I had a light anesthetic... and then just hit the road. It was a little red and bumpy right afterwards, but that cleared up pretty quickly. Then some hairs fell out a little while later, but even with that, more stayed in than what I had before. Then, like I guess it was about 2 and half months later... boom... that were growing in and staying in! That was totally awesome. Not scars or anything... in fact, NO WAY TO TELL. Period. I trim the hairs when they get a little longer than I want, but that's easy too...

So now, a while after the procedure, I can tell you that I'm definitely happy and satisfied with the work. Even though I had found rave reviews about Dr. Epstein for hair transplants, and even one guy talking about how happy he was with Dr. Epstein for his own chest hair transplant, I figured it wasn't enough. So I'm putting this up!!!! Now, at least, you won't have to type in searches and find nothing!

Anyway, I absolutely recommend going to him... I'm even from New Jersey, so traveling was what I chose (he's in South Florida) and even if another doctor popped up right next door I would still go to Dr. Epstein. he's THAT good. Just look around the net and you'll see him all over the place!

The only thing I'd do differently next time is stay in Miami longer... I'd probabaly combine it with a vacation or something... because that would make the whole experience truly perfect!!! It's alread perfect enough as it is... but maybe I could meet someone who'd appreciate me for my wit, good lucks, and hairy chest while I was in Miami!!!

Body hair transplant questions??? Email me for more information, more of my story or anything else!!!

Make sure that when you look more into this you find a good, qualified surgeon. That makes all the difference in the world. I had done some serious research, and since there was so little about body and chest hair transplants specifically, I ended up researching everything I could about transplanting hair to the head. Well, I figured it had to be about the same thing right?

I found the best... he's considered one of the top three in the world. Oh, by the way, his name is Dr. Jeffrey Epstein! (Can't forget that!) And he's one of only thirty guys in the IAHRS, he's in the IHSRS, he's a facial plastic surgeon too, and he's just amazing. You should take a closer look at some of this work. Here's a link to his face and body hair transplant photo galleries.