Body Hair Transplants


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Body Hair Transplants

Hey! Thanks for coming by my website. My name's Peter and -- you guessed it -- my site is about body hair transplants... especially chest hair transplantation.

I figured I'd go ahead and make this website because I know there are other guys out there like me who want chest hair transplants, and there's NOTHING online about the procedure!!! So I'm trying to fix that.

Why body hair transplants? Well, call me vein, but I want to look good just like anyone else... and I figured if guys can have their hair transplanted on their head, then why not get it for my chest? I hate to say it, but it bugged me a lot. I just didn't want the 'bare chest' look. You guessed it. I wanted that hairy, Latin chest look... and guess what, I got it!

Photos, Information, and Stories - Body Hair Transplants

Here are some small photos, but you can click here (or click the photos) to see the blowup. Oh, by the way, even right after it looked really good... no scars or anything like that... that was something I wanted to make sure of, that I didn't wind up with a bunch of marks on my chest!

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Body hair transplants: photos, stories, and the best body hair transplant surgeon

Make sure to check out this page, it has some pretty good stuff about the whole concept of body hair transplants.

Body hair transplant questions??? Email me for more information, more of my story or anything else!!!

Make sure that when you look more into this you find a good, qualified surgeon. That makes all the difference in the world. I had done some serious research, and since there was so little about body and chest hair transplants specifically, I ended up researching everything I could about transplanting hair to the head. Well, I figured it had to be about the same thing right?

I found the best... he's considered one of the top three in the world. Oh, by the way, his name is Dr. Jeffrey Epstein! (Can't forget that!) And he's one of only thirty guys in the IAHRS, he's in the IHSRS, he's a facial plastic surgeon too, and he's just amazing. You should take a closer look at some of this work. Here's a link to his face and body hair transplant photo galleries.